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If a contract is a "deed", then no consideration is required.Find us at Google Earl Sands/posts?There is one exception to the requirement of "consideration" and that is a "deed", which is a contract "under seal" or a "specialty contract".Deeds are used mostly in contracts that involve real estate. The entire legal system is based upon massive fraud. Courts everywhere are fabricating ordinances and local laws without representation from the citizens which they are sworn to protect and serve. Most of today's bureaucrats, politicians, legislatures, judges and law enforcement are a bunch of criminals hiding behind a false shield of law and justice. The Bible says the time will come when the wicked will kill Christians, thinking they are doing God a favor (John 16:2). I'm sure most of you recognize the guy to the right... The most oppressive fraud ever imposed upon the American citizen is the Administrative Court System (the 4th branch of government interview download MP3), which disqualifies poor parents accused of child abuse (such as for not drugging their children as Guinea Pigs, et cetera) from obtaining free legal representative (as guaranteed by the U. Regulation without representative is exactly what our founding forefathers wanted to avoid, but it has become an epidemic across America today. In other words, even when wicked people are being as cruel as can be, they think they are doing you a favor.We’ve been around for a long time, we’ve seen it all, and we get it – that is why we’re able to understand our clients and help them with their diverse needs.

We offer a broad range of legal services to individual and corporate clients in the private and public sectors in Kingston and southeastern Ontario.Simply put, if our clients succeed, then we succeed. The higher powers ensure that the system stays rigged, unfair and controlled by the New World Order. They go to school, university and for special training. A child grows up wanting to represent people's rights in court and sincerely help them.A lawyer who wanders outside of the established perimeters of what the Bar Association considers ethical (what a bullcrap word for today's legal system), they will be disbarred.Neither doctors, nor lawyers, have the liberty to become honest, because THEY WILL lose their legal license to practice.

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