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I could feel this little game of who's the biggest tease getting me a little wet. I made an excuse to go and powder my nose just after dessert and as Dick came to pull my chair out like a gentleman, I made sure to brush my arse up against his crotch, just to let him know that I was indeed interested in whatever he had planned next.

At one point he even grazed the side of my breast with his hand when he wiped off an eyelash that had fallen and landed on my cheek. I felt the outline of his cock as I pushed into him and I could tell that he was already a little excited. He drove us back to my house and we got comfortable on the sofa as we sipped on coffee and chatted some more.

Our evening was going quite well and Dick was very witty and sharp.

Conversation wasn't lacking in the slightest and he found every opportunity to touch my arm or caress my leg.

Others have been complete surprise packages, lanky and awkward but been able to make me cum so hard I've blacked out. I was at work cataloguing books when he came up and asked if I could recommend a good thriller.

We chatted for a little while and I scoured the shelves, pulling books as I went.

I was in the same position as when I used to get spanked as a kid, only this time I knew that I was going to enjoy it.

The type of things i'm into would make any young lady blush. If you don't fuck like that then to me, you just aren't doing it right!

I like to be man-handled and thrown around, my hair pulled on and spanked.

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