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The place was packed with people walking in all directions.

Let me share some specific examples of what these synchronicities look like.

PS- I apologize about the terrible grammar and inappropriate caps usage I'm just a sparatic typist so I have to keep moving to get my points down before I forget or lose them bc I do suffer from hardcore it under general.i think they're taking a break from the string of tournaments they just came off did two back to back iirc and showed bad overall argue that scrims are the only practice that counts (even sumail would have said so previously)but the terrible form, that's a sign for some teams to go back to the drawing you look at the history of the events that EG decides not to attend, the summit is something they don't either they had a good (personal) reason to do so or they did so begrudgingly.

(Right Click and select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Firefox)) Alan will be speaking at the direct dating summit held in London in November, reserve your seat now!

He left his number, so we get in touch by phone, and I ask him if he’s free to hang out that evening.

It turns out that he lives close to Newark airport and offers to pick me up.

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So he graciously offers to drive me all the way to Brooklyn, which takes about an hour one way.

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