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Melanie, a divorced mother of two teenagers, says that she vets the guys she’s interested in pretty thoroughly early on.Even if he’s not at the “meet the kids” stage, she needs to know that when the time comes, she’ll be comfortable with the intro.

Kevin, a single man with no children, says he has no problem dating women with children and has had various experiences.

Sometimes people just want to have fun adult time away from their children without feeling pressure to be anything more.

When dating someone with children, don’t assume there is drama with the other parent or that you’ll be expected to play a parental role; everyone’s different.

She acknowledges challenges in getting used to teenagers, and understands that even if a man is a parent himself, it doesn’t guarantee he’s going to be interested in dealing with her kids.

She feels it’s best to gauge if that’ll be an issue before she even invests time.

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But I’d caution people against having a revolving door of romantic interests in their children’s lives.

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