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After a brief stop to play with the vintage toys at Guitar Center Hallandale on the way to Miami, the band and their tour manager Jake Hartsfield pulled the SUV and trailer into the Villa 221 parking lot hidden away in the bustle of Downtown Miami.Bassist Calvin Webster recounted how the trailer had been rescued from the floods in Tennessee as it was being carried away by the raging flood waters.However Jeff has always chosen that path sparingly and wisely so that tunes like 'Scatterbrain' and 'Big Block' are always fresh, vigorous, and dont become shop worn.

It also allows the listener at times to relate to little inflected lines from other past artists and peers like 'Low Rider' done on this past tour and reverting back through the career catalogue 'Strangers In the Night and 'Groovin' among others.

Yet when those lines are weaved into the performance they all sound like Jeff, as if the original tunes had indeed been written for him although we know they werent. After espousing how Jeff Beck was his favorite guitarist and loving being able to go out on the road with him, young Tyler Bryant turned and asked me, Have you ever seen Jeff lose it on-stage?

Lest this editorial ramble on for too long let this Editor add another description of Jeff Becks artistic genius I think we all can agree on in its simplicity. I could sense that somehow Tyler wanted validation that Jeff was actually human and from this universe so I chuckled and told him about the Atlanta fall 75 show when the Blow By Blow tour continuation was sandwiched in between opener Aerosmith and The Faces with Rod Stewart.

Apologies I'm coming back to you a little later than scheduled, but I wanted to run an idea past the publishers (more on that later) before providing full background/details on the book. But timing, other projects and life in general meant that it only became a reality in the Autumn of 2010 when Chris Charlesworth - Omnibus' Editor In Chief and a long time Beck fan - gave it the green light.

As you might imagine it's proved quite a challenge, led to at least one malfunctioning laptop, some lost e-mails and a wobbly file or two, but we got there in the end.

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"Jeffs Strat was feeding back almost uncontrollably.

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